We are a diverse group of experts in product design, marketing, quality assurance, inventory management, and operations. We leverage the power of our expertise to be a full-service partner for you – to provide comprehensive support and fine-tune business strategies so you can flourish in a complex marketplace.

We attribute our success to our enduring relationships with customers and suppliers. Our longevity is a result of our success.



Access to quality eyewear for all; helping people see a beautiful day every day.

  • 1923

    Joseph Shyer opens Zyloware Eyewear manufacturing facility in Long Island City, NY

  • 1950’s

    Second generation family members, Henry and Robert Shyer join their father.

  • 1963

    Zyloware introduces first nylon frame - the Invincible - selling over 30 million units in 30 years

  • 1976

    Zyloware creates the first American designer eyewear brand license - Gloria Vanderbilt

  • 1980

    Zyloware creates the first celebrity eyewear brand license - Sophia Loren - which continues to be among the most successful women’s brands in America

  • 1982

    Stetson Eyewear is introduced and becomes among the most successful men’s brands in America - a position still held today.

  • 1990's

    Third generation family members, Chris Shyer and Jamie Shyer take on active management roles at zyloware

  • 2000's

    Chris and Jamie Shyer take over the helm and oversee the enormous expansion of fashion brands. Zyloware launches its online presence with Zyloware.com

  • 2010

    Zyloware moves its operations to their new state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly headquarters in Port Chester, NY

  • Today & Beyond

    Celebrating its 95th anniversary in 2018, Zyloware continues on a path of success and innovation today and into the future with exiting new brands, products, and exceptional commitment to its customers

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